3 Common Shop Struggles

We’ve all had those days: A customer calls because a piece wasn’t what he had in mind. An employee calls in sick. When the phones stop, you head to the coffee machine to discover the pot’s empty and you’re out of coffee grounds. As the phone rings behind you, you can already tell it’s going to be a really long day, and it’s not even 9 am yet. Sound familiar?

We know we can’t step in when someone calls in sick or run out and buy more coffee, but we can definitely help make daily life in the shop smoother and help keep your customers happy with one of our tables.

After hearing from our customers, it was obvious that there were three very common struggles taking place in their shops and throughout the industry itself. We thought we’d share them with you to help alleviate some of the challenges you may be facing.



Shop Struggle 1: Sub-par Quality & Accuracy

One of our clients shared that he struggled with making sure his parts have been drawn up right so that they cut out correctly. Another said that maintaining accuracy and quality can be difficult when meeting customer deadlines.

It’s really important to take the time you need for the job, and that includes spending time learning the ins and outs of a table. The more you know, the more accurate the cuts, which not only increases quality but also increase time efficiency.


Shop Struggle 2: Managing Demands & Meeting Deadlines

We recently had a discussion with a client who was struggling with keeping up to demand. After taking a good look at their workload and longevity, they decided to add another cnc plasma table to their shop, increasing production and exceeding customer demand.


Shop Struggle 3: Finding Qualified Staff & Keeping Them

A lot of our customers say it’s hard to find—and keep—skilled, capable staff.



There is a bit of a learning curve with a FastCut table, but once an employee understands the know-how, they’ll be excited to get to work and put their skills and creativity to the test. With access to a FastCut table, your employees will likely appreciate the experience and stick around longer than if they were working in a shop without one.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We’d love to chat tables and see which one is best suited to your shop and line of work. Reach out!