Icon Elite comes in two models for your needs

Icon Elite Standard

Our ICON Elite CNC plasma cutting system is by far the best light industrial machine on the market. High-quality design as well as affordable, this plasma table outperforms all others in its class.

Icon Elite HVAC

When it comes to custom crafting ducts, fittings, brackets and flanges, our Elite HVAC uses a downdraft system to continuously pull smoke and particulates into the table and out of your work area.


Robust Aluminum Frame
High quality, corrosion resistant extruded-aluminum provides a strong and rigid frame.
Dual-Drive Gantry
The ICON Elite features a dual-drive gantry to provide incredible accuracy and repeatability.
Torch Height Control
An automatic torch height control system is standard on all our tables, providing you with accurate cutting heights.
See It Work
Control System
Our control system makes running the machine as easy as clicking the mouse – even a first-time user can be cutting parts in no time. A full function, real-time, on-screen interface lets the operator see exactly what is going on and gives them complete control.
Real-time toolpath
Now you can see where you are during a cut job. The screen shows the complete drawing and where your plasma torch is currently cutting.
Cut Profile Library
A built-in library sets your cut speed, voltage for the auto height control, and more just by selecting the material you’re working with.
Wireless Remote
The wireless handheld remote puts the full control of your machine into the palm of your hand. With a range of 30-feet, jog the torch to select a precise start point anywhere on the sheet, pause a cut in progress, or cut up a sheet freehand. Precise control, wherever you are.
Bosch Rexroth Linear Rail System
Best-in-class precision ball-bearing linear guides allow for high accuracy and precise machine movements.
North American Made Helical Rack and Pinion
Helical gears allow for smoother and more silent gear operation, more positive tooth contact between the rack and pinion, constant and higher torque, and less wear and tear when compared to more traditional spur gear systems.
In-line Planetary Gearboxes
More efficient than belt driven systems with zero slippage, higher torque transmission and a much greater life expectancy.
CAD, Auto Nesting Software and Shape Library
Software is the heart of any CNC system. Our profiling software allows you to use a variety of programs, such as drawing CAD software, TurboCAD, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.
HVAC Plate Follower
HVAC plasma cutting is all about speed and efficiency. Maintaining constant torch standoff at higher cut speeds is essential when cutting thin-gauge materials. Comes standard on all Icon Elite HVAC tables.
Optional Heavy Duty Downdraft or Waterbed Cutting Surface
Solid-welded steel downdraft cutting surface designed to maximize fume extraction. Downdraft surface comes standard on Icon Elite HVAC tables.
Remote Support
When your operator has a question, or the machine is experiencing a problem, the quickest way for us to help is to just take a look. As long as your plasma cutting machine is connected to the Internet, we can instantly take control and show you in real time what you need to know.
HVAC Ducting Software
The ICON Elite HVAC comes standard with ShopData HVAC software. Use this software to quickly design and draw complex duct work. 

Torch Height Control

An automatic torch height control system is standard on all our tables, providing you with accurate cutting heights.

Elite Models

Superior Precision and Reliability in Two Models:

Table Sizes

Tool Cutting Area3 inches over table size on
X and Y axes
3 inches over table size on
X and Y axes
Overall DimensionsWidth: X axis + 27.5″
Depth: Y axis + 25″
Height: 52″
Width: X axis + 27.5″
Depth: Y axis + 25″
Height: 52″
Weight4′ x 8′ table approx. 650 lbs
(not incl. cutting surface)
4’ x 10′ table approx. 700 lbs
(not incl. cutting surface)
Table Sizes4′ x 4′
4′ x 8′
5′ x 10′
4′ x 8′
4′ x 10′
5′ x 10′

General Specs

Input Power120VAC 15 Amps120VAC 15 Amps
Motors500 oz-in Stepper Motors290 oz-in integrated servo motors
Gearheads 5:1 planetary gearbox10:1 planetary gearbox
GuidesDual drive linear guide systemDual drive linear guide system
Drive SystemPrecision linear ways with helical rack and pinion for the X and Y axes;
Enclosed ball screw for the Z axis
Precision linear ways with helical rack and pinion for the X and Y axes;
Enclosed ball screw for the Z axis
Max Travel Speed500 ipm1000 ipm
Torch Height Travel5″ 5″
Controller ConsoleIntel NUC7i3BNH
Windows 10 Pro
External DVD/CD-RW Drive
22″ LCD Monitor
Intel NUC7i3BNH
Windows 10 Pro
External DVD/CD-RW Drive
22″ LCD Monitor
HVAC Plate follower NOYES
SoftwareTurboCAD Deluxe
Mach 3
TurboCAD Deluxe
Mach 3
ShopData Systems HVAC
Warranty2 year industrial warranty on table
and drives

1 year limited warranty on motors,
electronics, and computer

Extended warranty for table, gantry,
and drives available
2 year industrial warranty on table
and drives

1 year limited warranty on motors,
electronics, and computer

Extended warranty for table, gantry,
and drives available


Powermax Series
The Powermax line of single-gas (air or nitrogen) mechanized systems delivers high productivity, low operating cost, superior cut quality and Hypertherm’s unsurpassed reliability. Powermax products are frequently used on X-Y cutting tables, 3-dimensional robots, track cutting systems, and pipe cutting and beveling machines.
Icon Elite Workstation
Lightweight and compact, it mounts directly to the table frame via two pivoting brackets so you can keep your controller software in easy reach. A monitor mount allows you to view at any angle as you cut.
Intelligent Breakaway Torch Mount
Never worry about a Torch Collision again. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, featuring two plates indexed together with Rare Earth magnets.
Exhaust Fan Package
This unit sucks up smoke produced during the cutting process. Hook it up to a duct and vent smoke out of shop for safe smoke free work environment.
Air Dryer
This is a must for plasma cutting. Dry, clean air promotes better cuts and 5 times longer consumable life as well as longer machine life. Contaminated air is hard on components and the plasma’s power supply.
Oxy-fuel Kit
Used for flame cutting of steel, typically 1” and thicker material.
HVAC Plate Follower
HVAC plasma cutting is all about speed and efficiency. Maintaining constant torch standoff at higher cut speeds is essential when cutting thin-gauge materials. Featuring a rigid, steel construction, the plate follower is a shroud with ball casters on the bottom that roll along the top of your material.
HVAC Medium to Heavy Industrial Downdraft Cutting Surface 
This solid-welded steel downdraft cutting surface is designed to maximize fume extraction. If you prefer to build one yourself, we can send you the drawings.
TurboCAD Deluxe
The best solution for new 2D/3D CAD users. Powerful and easy to learn, it offers an incredible collection of 2D drafting, 3D surface modeling, photorealistic rendering, and supported file filters. Easily adjust the interface for your level of experience to access hundreds of drawing, modification, dimensioning and annotation tools.
EnRoute Fabrication
A real favourite. Simple and easy to use intuitive CAD/CAM software designed to help you create and output files for your cutting table. Slick drawing tools, fast and efficient vectorizing, and an extensive font and graphics library make drawing decorative and graphic parts a snap.
Pro Nest LT
ProNest LT is a powerful CAD/CAM nesting software designed for light industrial, mechanized cutting in production environments. It provides a single software solution for all of your conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.
DXF Art Package
Over 1500 pre-drawn art files from Elite Arts, ready to cut out in DXF format – very handy for the artisan. Wildlife, outdoor scenes, vehicles, people, shapes, scrollwork and more.
Bend-Tec MotorSports CAD Software Package
A library of pre-drawn parts that can be manipulated by entering dimensions, holes, size and numbers. Eliminates CAD drawing prior to cutting – very useful when you just need a quick part and don’t want to draw it up.
A feature-packed CAM package suitable for milling, routing, plasma, waterjet, laser and oxy-fuel cutting. It allows you define all the important parameters for cutting, including kerf width. Simply draw your part the size you want and SheetCam works out where to run the torch.
ShopData Systems HVAC
Shop Data Systems offers different CAD/CAM nesting modules for general fabrication, product manufacturing, HVAC duct-work fabrication, blowpipe contractors and structural steel plate processors. They’re are the exclusive provider of HVAC drafting templates.

Customer Reviews

“Russ, Jordan, and Charlie have been spectacular to work with.”

This is long overdue, mainly because we’ve been so busy. Russ, Jordan, and Charlie have been spectacular to work with. Owning and operating two businesses that each make customer service our number one priority, I’ve found very few companies that take that priority as seriously as we do. FastCut is one of those companies. Do not have any doubts when considering purchasing from them. Bravo boys, Bravo!
Jack Welty

“Russ, Jamie and the boys are nothing short of exceptional!”

I purchased the elite model a little over a year ago when I was having problems learning this machine. They went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and fluid at running this product. Russ and his staff are very personable people and made this purchase an enjoyable experience. Russ even went as far as to open up his home to my staff and I for training purposes… If you’re a first-time buyer like I was or you’re looking to upgrade, I strongly suggest you start with giving FastCut a call. Thank you FastCut!
Bradley Tizzard

History Channel’s Counts Kustoms uses an Icon Elite

“Why do I use a FastCut? Because I don’t want to do it myself – and it’s a lot faster!” – Horny Mike, Counts Kustoms


“The customer is priority and support is fantastic.”

Where to start… Probably hands-down best group of guys I’ve met in many years. I knew nothing about CNC tables and had no computer experience at all. I looked at quite a few companies but nobody really seemed to help me out, I was getting frustrated and annoyed. After calling and talking to Russ and the boys I was sold basically after the first call, they were straight up no bullshit and the best part is they invited me to come to the shop and they’ll teach me how to operate my machine. One thing about these guys is the customer is priority and support is fantastic! I probably called Charlie 10 times a day lol for two weeks and no matter how small the question was he always had time to help me out and was able to work out any issues I had in minutes!! Can’t say enough about these guys, best product out there!
Cody Ferguson

“Absolutely fantastic experience with FastCut.”

Absolutely fantastic experience with FastCut. After shopping around for a table and receiving zero calls back from others I stumbled upon FastCut and was immediately sold. The customer service was top notch and the sales rep was very no nonsense and very personable. Was amazing to be able to come down and meet the crew in Kamloops. The entire crew there is great. Charlie was very helpful with the training and Russ was amazing to deal with. The entire experience has been great. Top notch quality table and top notch customer service.
Jarret Bellwood, B&B Align Bore & Fab Ltd.

“The time we are saving from concept- to prototype- to finished product is unreal.”

Trigger Industries owes Russ and the FastCut team immensely. We were paying top dollar for parts off a laser when we had no real need for it. Visiting the FastCut shop, it was evident we had found our answer, and purchased an Icon Elite. The time we are saving from concept to prototype, to finished product is unreal. With no prior CNC experience underneath us, we were quickly turning out clean, accurate parts. People often say “that’s good plasma!” Machine motion control and THC are a direct reason for this. The few issues we did have were 99% self-induced. A huge thanks is needed for Jordan, as he always walked us through the solution with clear and accurate direction. We will be back for a G7 Fabricator!
Landon & Lem, Owners, Trigger Industries

“A great experience with FastCut from start to finish!”

I am a small fabrication machine shop in Manitoba and decided I wanted to purchase a plasma table. So I began researching on the internet and after reading some of the blogs, FastCut stood out. I phoned some of the owners that had purchased from FastCut and experienced their service. I did not hear one negative comment, so I decided to purchase an Icon Elite in 2014 from FastCut. I am pleased to say everything I was told was true. The table was delivered exactly as described, it was simple to assemble so I was up and running in no time. Every call I made back to the factory ended with the exact answers I needed. The wireless controller is an awesome addition that makes running the machine so convenient. This machine has opened opportunities for us that were previously out of reach.
Jeff Lincoln, Missing Link Machine

“Thanks to this machine and the great boys standing behind it, I have been able to transform my business.”

I just celebrated my one year anniversary of my first cut with my FastCut a few days ago. I can’t even begin to explain how this machine had changed my life. Before the FastCut, her name is Sonia, I was doing primarily forged and fabricated steel work, working with rods and some sheet, but hand plasma cutting everything. I also worked in glass and ceramic, but I was having a terrible time commanding the price that I needed for my time. The FastCut Machine has allowed me to produce more intricate, accurate work in a MUCH more timely way. I design artwork, signs, custom hardware, gates, etc in my computer, let the machine do the dirty work, then hand forge and weld to assemble the pieces. Before the machine arrived I flew up to Kamloops and met Russell, Billy, Jordan and the boys who make up the team, and learned how to run my new machine. In the grand tradition of Canadians they are all super friendly, accommodating, and have awesome accents. They have also built and are continually engineering a great machine. When I arrived home to my machine I was able to cut on the first day back, and the cuts were beautiful. In the past year I’ve had a few times when I couldn’t figure something out with the machine, and instead of driving myself crazy trying to figure it out, I just gave a call up to fast cut and they talked me through the problem. Thanks to this machine and the great boys standing behind it, I have been able to transform my business into a successful Art studio, sign shop, and custom fab shop.
Jodie Bliss, Owner/Designer

“Within three days of the initial setup, we were making production cuts, and more importantly, saving money.”

This machine has been a huge boost to my company and I’m sorry we didn’t buy one from Russ three years ago. FastCut’s customer service, technical support and level of professionalism have been top notch since the start. When we eventually wear this thing out or more likely decide to buy a bigger one I will be calling these guys again. The system is so easy to use this prototype ring turned out perfectly.
Dan Schok, Owner, The Welding Shop Inc.

“This system is so much more advanced and the performance is just amazing.”

Watching staff and students using our new Icon Elite table over the past year has been a highly positive observation because this system is so much more advanced and the performance is just amazing. Since 2005, we have owned and operated CNC cutting tables for our welding/welding engineering technology students here at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, but our previous equipment is no comparison to the performance and engineering design of the Icon Elite! We have been through 2 semesters with our students and staff, and have cut all kinds of designs including but not limited to project parts, trophies, ornaments, pictures, and car parts with great accuracy and production. Honestly from an instructor standpoint, in all of the different areas that our students study here, one of the major highlight now is using the Icon Elite CNC plasma, no question about it!
Dean Janzen & Bryan Brown, Welding Engineering Technology SAIT Polytechnic Calgary Alberta

“FastCut truly stands behind what they sell.”

Anyone can sell a product; the after sale service is what counts. FastCut truly stands behind what they sell and wants you to be happy with your purchase. But we’re biased; don’t just take our word for it… The first time I purchased from FastCut, I quickly received a call back from Jamie regarding my inquires for pricing. From purchasing and delivery, to my shop with Russ, it has been a great experience. Top notch guy’s, no bull, tell you straight up. Table came to shop packaged perfectly in the crate as per video. Super easy to assemble. FastCut provided every piece of information needed to assemble the table and build my base for the table prior to shipping, so I knew exactly what had to be done. What’s even better than all of that is the customer service. Phone answered by knowledgeable, polite people who really care about keeping your shop / table working ! Jordan, you’re a class act . This is a first class company and I’m so happy to have purchased my 5 x 10 Icon Elite from FastCut!
Davey Moroz, St. Adolphe, MB

“The detail and precision is unbelievable.”

We purchased our first CNC machine from Russ at FastCut about ten years ago. My husband and I knew zero about CNC machines but we could see the potential. When the machine arrived it was so exciting, arrived in a timely manner just like they said. We set up the machine and just looked at it, DID NOT HAVE A CLUE. We called Russell and his team every day for at least three weeks, we even called ourselves “the stupids.” They were patient and funny and got us through it. Now I was able to cut the detail I wanted, it really became so easy and simple, I got where I could even run it myself. About a year ago we decided we wanted a new CNC, so we donated our old friend to the Brenham High School welding class and called Russ. Our new machine is so beautiful and works so smoothly and the detail and precision is unbelievable, we cut 9 stainless steel gates on it already. Russel and his FastCut team are always there for us, even in snow storms they manage to get parts to us. We highly recommend them.
Elizabeth Brazeal, Owner/Designer, Trailswest Gate Company, Chappell Hill, Texas

“The Icon Elite does what you said it would do.”

I would like to thank everybody at FastCut CNC for making the Icon Elite CNC plasma machine. It actually works! The Icon Elite does what you said it would do. The Elite series comes in easy to assemble parts that are machined so every thing fits. I am a machine guy and researched every CNC plasma in the Icon Elites price range and they all fell short in workmanship and quality of parts. At KME we make many different parts from bumpers to mounting brackets to trailer hitches. The Icon Elite has performed above all expectations. The tech guys at FastCut have answered all my questions fast and I had many many of them. The remote control is one of the best features. Easy to use, it is a must must when your working on the far end of the table. TuboCad and Nestmaster are simple to use and saved time, and we all know time is money. The Icon Elite table was purchased as toy to maybe make a few high quality parts for myself. Now it runs every day making parts to advance my business (I would rather use the Icon Elite then the plate shear because the cuts on the Icon Elite are square, and its a one man operation). The Hypertherm PowerMax 105 is easy on consumables and and cuts from 20 gauge to 3/4 inch plate with very little dross. Russel, I would like to thank you for being a stand up guy . The Icon Elite did what you said it would do. Pay back on the machine was 6 months – not bad for a machine that was bought as a toy!!”
Pat Kapella, Owner, KME Invention Innovators

“Reasonably priced, low maintenance machine.”

I’m writing today to express our sincere thanks for your first class service and complement you for producing such a well designed machine. In our industry, performing value added service is what separates us from our competitors and generates our profits. We needed a reasonably priced, low maintenance machine to keep us smaller companies in the black. We have used our Fastcut CNC plasma table (ICON) on a number of projects. Generally, we deal with larger diameter, rough drilling projects and many of our projects have added dimensions of stress and production issues on our machines. We have used the ICON for such projects as adding Gussets and custom plates to our machines in the past with structural stability issues, to making a company signs with our logo on it for the leases that our drills are stationed on. “We get a lot of comments on those.” We have found the Fastcut CNC (ICON) to have a great platform for these projects. In addition, safety being a constant concern, we believe that the ICON supports a safe and modern work environment for our employees. We have been using the ICON and could not be happier with the product. With technology changing on a daily basis we must train our employees on up-to-date and reliable equipment. Your company has proven to us that you stand behind the machines you produce and your technical support is prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you again Russell, Carlo, and all your staff at Fastcut CNC for producing such a fine product, and standing behind it with the support we need to run an efficient and profitable drilling company.
Kevin Zuk, Silverado Drilling Corporation

“FastCut stands behind their machines and their technical support is prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.”

As a trade school welding instructor we are concerned about purchasing quality equipment at a reasonable price. We have been using the FastCut C.N.C. Plasma System for the past year and I am proud to endorse their product. With technology changing on a daily basis we must train our students on up to date and reliable equipment. FastCut stands behind their machines and their technical support is prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend FastCut for your C.N.C plasma cutting needs.
Tim Harris, Welding Instructor, University of Montana (Helena College of Technology)

“Its simple-to-use programming and low initial cost gave our tooling technicians a first class piece of equipment.”

We bought our FastCut CNC Plasma Table in January of 2002. Equipment was delivered very quickly, and immediately began paying for itself. Its simple-to-use programming and low initial cost gave our tooling technicians a first class piece of equipment. We can now cut complex shapes for a fraction of the cost of some of the major CNC producers. In fact, we became so good at complex shapes we bought a specialty fabrication business and have moved our FastCut into it. If it were not for this equipment, we would not be competitive in the marketplace and would not be able to produce the equipment that we build today.
John A. Schneider, Managing Partner Permatech, Inc. Graham, North Carolina, USA




  • Easy application process (M-F 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST)
  • Fast Approval Rates (Approx. 4 hrs)
  • High Acceptance Rates (85%)
  • Short or long term rates (12 – 72 months)
  • Seasonal payment plans for customers with seasonal businesses
  • Very competitive rates


Shipping is not included in most cases. Costs vary depending on service/distance and cube weight. Overnight delivery with FED EX; 5-7 days to the east coast via lowbed. All shipments are insured and set up for ease of delivery. We handle all US and customs clearance paperwork. We even help driver load/tarp and strap machines, sharing pictures with you prior to equipment leaving our factory.


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Icon Elite Models.

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