Why choose Fastcut? Because we’re fabricators. Not assemblers.

We make almost everything in our tables.

You make things. So do we. And when it comes to cutting tables, we make almost everything in them. All the control systems, wiring harnesses, table frames, equipment components and circuit boards. Fabricated in-house on our own CNC equipment, vertical mill, wire cutter, 3-D printer and cutting tables, using high-end North American and European components.


Our Systems Are Open

Our systems are “open” meaning you can use any type of drawing software you like to create a DXF file for cutting. All tables come with a pre-installed shapes library. You’re not locked into using anything you don’t want to.


Quality Assurance

When it’s time, we completely assemble, configure and test cut every FastCut CNC plasma cutting table prior to shipping to you. We set everything up for easy delivery, taking care of all the paperwork and even taking a photo of the load prior to sending it off to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.


You don’t pay for shipping on the majority of parts

Because you’re buying directly from a factory that makes almost everything in-house. Unlike large manufacturers, you won’t pay shipping charges on parts coming from all over North America or overseas. With transportation charges increasing every year, those savings really add up.


The best bang for your buck

Our customers’ average return on investment on a FastCut purchase is 6-12 months. We believe dollar for dollar, there is no better alternative on the market.

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