G8 Fabricator


Big League Performance with Superior Precision and Reliability


Eight generations of technology, refinement, and experience have come together to produce the most cost-effective and reliable CNC plasma cutting system to date.


The benchmark for what a large-scale HVAC plasma cutting system should offer in terms of value and quality.

Main Features

Welded Steel Frame
A built-to-last, precision-straightened and machined, all-welded steel frame with a durable powder-coated finish. This high heat process also serves to stress relieve the frame. Comes with either a downdraft or waterbed cutting surface.
Dual-Drive Gantry
The G8 Fabricator features a dual-drive gantry to provide incredible accuracy and repeatability.
Power Transmission
Our flagship G8 Fabricator uses our new Linear Drive System. Precision linear ways are used on all axis, providing incredibly accurate movement.
Servo Motors
All drive systems utilize powerful servo motors that use closed-loop accuracy confirmation. This means the controller is checking all the time to see if the motor has moved to where it has been instructed to. This allows for superior accuracy, greater resolution and repeatability.
Linear Guides
Linear guides are the “final link” between the drawing and the part being cut. FastCut CNC has done a lot of research and development to get the best drive results for plasma cutting at a practical price. Combined with direct drive gearheads, helical rack and pinion, our Linear Guide System will provide you with superior results every time.
Cable and Hose Management
All cables and hoses are neatly routed through steel tubing or an industrial cable carrier.
Our control system makes running the machine as easy as clicking the mouse – even a first-time user can be cutting parts in no time. A full function, real-time, on-screen interface lets the operator see exactly what is going on and gives them complete control.
Torch Height Control
An automatic torch height control system is standard on all our tables, providing you with accurate cutting heights. Updating hundreds of times per second, the height control monitors the arc voltage from your plasma cutter, precisely maintaining the correct height over your work area.
Bosch Rexroth Linear Rail System
Best-in-class precision ball-bearing linear guides allow for high accuracy and precise machine movements.
Helical Rack and Pinion
These North American made helical gears allow for positive tooth contact, smoother and more silent gear operation, constant and higher torque, and less wear and tear when compared to more traditional spur gear systems.
In-line Planetary Gearboxes
More efficient than belt driven systems, with zero slippage, higher torque transmission and a much greater life expectancy.
User-Friendly Interface
An enclosed computer console with a HD flat screen and industrial keyboard and mouse make the G8 Fabricator the easiest plasma cutting system to operate.
CAD, Auto Nesting Software and Shape Library
Software is the heart of any CNC system. Our profiling software allows you to use a variety of programs, such as drawing CAD software, TurboCAD, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.
HVAC Plate Follower
HVAC plasma cutting is all about speed and efficiency. Maintaining constant torch standoff at higher cut speeds is essential when cutting thin-gauge materials. Comes standard on all G8 Fabricator HVAC tables.
High-Definition Plasma Ready
Whether a high-definition plasma cutting system is purchased immediately or in the future, all G8 Fabricator tables ship multi-gas and high-definition ready.
Wireless Remote
The wireless handheld remote puts the full control of your machine into the palm of your hand. With a range of 30-feet, jog the torch to select a precise start point anywhere on the sheet, pause a cut in progress, or cut up a sheet freehand. Precise control, wherever you are.
Remote Support
When your operator has a question, or the machine is experiencing a problem, the quickest way for us to help is to just take a look. As long as your plasma cutting machine is connected to the Internet, we can instantly take control and show you in real time what you need to know.

G8 Fabricator


Table Sizes

Tool Cutting Area3 inches over table size on
X and Y axis
3 inches over table size on
X and Y axis
Overall DimensionsWidth: X axis + 52″
Depth: Y axis + 25″
Height: 58″
Width: X axis + 52″
Depth: Y axis + 25″
Height: 58″
Weight4′ x 8′ table approx. 2000 lbs 4′ x 8′ table approx. 2000 lbs
Table Sizes4′ x 8′
5′ x 10′
6′ x 12′
4′ x 8′
4′ x 10′
5′ x 10′
6′ x 12′

General Specs

Input Power120VAC 15 Amps120VAC 15 Amps
Motors638 oz-in integrated servo motors638 oz-in integrated servo motors
Gearheads 10:1 planetary gearbox10:1 planetary gearbox
GuidesDual drive linear guide systemDual drive linear guide system
Drive SystemPrecision linear ways with helical
rack and pinion for the X and Y axes;
Enclosed ball screw for the Z axis
Precision linear ways with helical
rack and pinion for the X and Y axes;
Enclosed ball screw for the Z axis
Max Travel Speed1,000 ipm1,000 ipm
Torch Height Travel5″5″
Controller ConsoleIntel Core i5 4th Gen
Windows 10 Pro
HD Flat Screen Monitor
External DVD/CD-RW Drive
Intel Core i5 4th Gen
Windows 10 Pro
HD Flat Screen Monitor
External DVD/CD-RW Drive
HVAC Plate followerNOYES
SoftwareTurboCAD Deluxe
Mach 3
TurboCAD Deluxe
Mach 3
ShopData Systems HVAC
Warranty2 year industrial warranty on table
and drives

1 year limited warranty on motors,
electronics, and computer

Extended warranty for table, gantry,
and drives available
2 year industrial warranty on table
and drives

1 year limited warranty on motors,
electronics, and computer

Extended warranty for table, gantry,
and drives available


Powermax Series
The Powermax line of single-gas (air or nitrogen) mechanized systems delivers high productivity, low operating cost, superior cut quality and Hypertherm’s unsurpassed reliability.
Intelligent Breakaway Torch Mount
Never worry about a Torch Collision again. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, featuring two plates indexed together with Rare Earth magnets.
Exhaust Fan
This unit sucks up smoke produced during the cutting process. Hook it up to a duct and vent smoke out of shop for a safe, smoke-free work environment.
Air Dryer
This is a must for plasma cutting. Dry clean air promotes better cuts and 5 times longer consumable life as well as longer machine life. Contaminated air is hard on components and the plasma’s power supply.
Oxy-fuel Kit
Used for flame cutting of steel, typically 1” and thicker material.
TurboCAD Deluxe
The best solution for new 2D/3D CAD users. Powerful and easy to learn, it offers an incredible collection of 2D drafting, 3D surface modeling, photorealistic rendering, and supported file filters.
EnRoute Fabrication
A real favourite. Simple and easy to use intuitive CAD/CAM software designed to help you create and output files for your cutting table. Slick drawing tools, fast and efficient vectorizing, an extensive font and graphic library make drawing decorative and graphic parts a snap.
ProNest LT
ProNest LT is a powerful CAD/CAM nesting software designed for light industrial, mechanized cutting in production environments. It provides a single software solution for all of your conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.
DXF Art Package
Over 1500 pre-drawn art files from Elite Arts, ready to cut out in DXF format – very handy for the artisan. Wildlife, outdoor scenes, vehicles, people, shapes, scrollwork and more.
Bend-Tec MotorSports CAD Software Package
A library of pre-drawn parts that can be manipulated by entering dimensions, holes, size and numbers. Eliminates CAD drawing prior to cutting – very useful when you just need a quick part and don’t want to draw it up.
A low-cost, feature-packed CAM package suitable for milling, routing, plasma, waterjet, laser and oxy-fuel cutting. It allows you define all the important parameters for cutting. Features include including Kerf width – simply draw your part the size you want and SheetCam works out where to run the torch.
ShopData Systems HVAC
Shop Data Systems offers different CAD/CAM nesting modules for general fabrication, product manufacturing, HVAC duct-work fabrication, blowpipe contractors and structural steel plate processors. They’re are the exclusive provider of HVAC drafting templates

Customer Reviews

“Focusing on cut-quality rather than inches per minute, the cuts are better than lazer and waterjet that supplied our facility previously.”

FastCut CNC was chosen as a plasma table supplier after touring the manufacturing facility. A local Canadian source as well as the FastCut CNC Team weighed positively in the decision process. Initial order until install and commission of Victor power source was as seamless as could be expected. As a manufacturer and supplier to the Western Canadian drilling industry, thicker plate (up to 2 inch oxy-air plasma and thicker section oxy-fuel ) are common. Without any prior plasma cutting experience, the learning curve was steep. Combining the training by FastCut CNC and onsite Victor install and training, the table was in operation quickly. Tech support by FastCut CNC and Victor was likely the best experience possible. Plasma cutting between ½ and 1 ¼ 44w plate was required immediately. Following the cutting parameters in the manuals initially, then tweaking the settings, the end result was impressive. Plasma cutting 1 ¼ 44w plate within .500 degree of square, easily achieved. Focusing on cut quality rather than inches per minute the cuts are better than lazer and waterjet that supplied our facility previously.
Murray Pyrch, President, Nextgen Processing

“A well-designed and solid machine with high-quality workmanship and parts throughout.”

We purchased a FastCut CNC plasma cutting system in the spring of 2013. For some time we had been in the market for a CNC plasma cutter. We have a mid-size operation, supplying fabricated steel products for the resource extraction and mining industries. Our intention was to purchase a CNC machine to improve the quality of our products and speed up production. We did our research and concluded that the G7 Fabricator from FastCut offered the best value for our money. For us it was a big investment. We’re pleased to report our FastCut machine paid for itself much quicker than we expected. In fact, within a few months we had so much work for it that we have recovered the cost. The G7 Fabricator is a well-designed and solid machine with high quality workmanship and parts throughout. It’s a pleasure to use and it makes the work more interesting because we keep discovering new applications and conceiving of new ways to manufacture our products. Installation was a breeze. For the first few weeks we were in contact with FastCut regularly and we were pleased with the support they provided. As far as the quality of our product is concerned, we’ve received only positive feedback from our customers. Looking back, purchasing the FastCut should have been a no-brainer. It paid for itself quickly, it’s a pleasure to use, our clients are happy with the product and our staff enjoy working with such a well-designed innovative machine.
Orest Doroshenko, President, Archway Enterprises Inc.

Discovery Channel’s Vegas Rat Rods/Welderup uses a G8

“This is a great machine – it’s one of the best tools that we have in our shop right now. It’s quick, it’s efficient and the technical support that comes with this machine from Fastcut is second to none.” – Steve Darnell, Welderup/Vegas Rat Rods


“Thanks for keeping us moving forward.”

The great people at FastCut are by far the most passionate people I know! They stand behind their product hands down. Its so true in today’s industry that passion and quality starts from the top down.. and boy do they show it. One word best describes the people and product at FastCut: AWESOME. Thanks for the best package in the business for sure.
Jarid Zazalack, Parts Manager, Shield Industries

“I’m entirely pleased with our machine, and impressed beyond expectation with your customer service and Tech support.

For giving me the confidence to choose the 5X10 G6 (water bed) as our first CNC burn table. We had been in the market for close to a year, and over that time I was amazed to find how many options were out there. With no prior experience with any CNC machinery and only being somewhat computer literate at best, made this a very apprehensive decision. After a few lengthy discussions over the phone, it was evident that Fast Cut’s passion and high standards for every table leaving their shop rivaled our own. You have an excellent TEAM behind you. It’s in the design, build quality, and ease of operation. I’m entirely pleased with our machine, and impressed beyond expectation with your customer service and tech support.
Julius Ledesma, Fabrication Foreman, Henry Production Inc.

“Working with FastCut and your staff could not have been better.”

The plasma table is exactly what I had imagined when I decided to open my own shop. Working with FastCut and your staff could not have been better. Everyone in your company has been very courteous and knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff. A big shout out to You, Billy, Jamie, Jordan, and every one at FastCut!
Greg, Advantage Fab

“Beyond our original expectations. Your service support has been invaluable and made our learning curve painless.”

CEC, CEC’s Manufacturing Manager, our burn table operator and manufacturing workers are very pleased with the parts we make on our FastCut CNC 6’ x 12’ gear drive plasma table. The computer accepts burn materials transmitted from a remote source. The controls are positive and produce outstanding parts. We work with 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and some 1” plate thicknesses. The gear drive table, FastCut controls and 200 amp plasma running air to air produce excellent parts at above average cutting speeds. We want to compliment FastCut on your excellent operator training program, burn material training and service training. We have been operating the table for over six months and it performs beyond our original expectations. Your service support has been invaluable and made our learning curve painless. You can bring a potential buyer to see our table anytime!
Roger Smith, Construction Equipment Company, Tualatin, Oregon, USA (http://www.ceccrushers.com/)

“The most productive tool in the shop. Helps me develop new products quickly and keep our business on the ‘cutting edge’.”

Investing in new tooling is intimidating, and I care greatly about accuracy, durability and customer service. Finding a company like FastCut was very refreshing as they focus on the same principles and are proud of their product. Russ and Jamie quickly helped me find the best table for our applications and budget while Jordan and Billy were available every step of the way to provide simple, no-nonsense answers to helping my table be as productive as possible. Since the table and all of the computer components are manufactured in house, my my table will never be shut down while components are on back order from who-knows-where. We live in the real world and I cannot stress how nice it is to have confidence in your tooling and these guys are setting the industry standard in accountability! Since I purchased our table FastCut has continued to improve its product and has helped to keep my table on the front line of technology and user friendliness, demonstrating their passion for the product. I never imagined the G7 fabricator would become the most productive tool in the shop, but it has and continues to help me develop new products quickly and keep our business on the ‘cutting edge’.”
Matt Titheridge, Moustache Metalworks, Rossland, BC (http://mofab.ca)

“Customer support at FastCut is by far the best I have ever run across!”

Jordan and Russ assume that your problems are their problems. They will go out of their way and take whatever time is needed solve them. The learning curve for the G6 and CNC programming is so easy even a Welder can do it.
Eric Lentz, Welder/Fabricator & CNC Plasma Programer/Operator, Honolulu, Hawaii

“We can definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking for a great machine with a good price!”

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for guiding us buying your Fabricator G6 CNC Plasma table as well as the ThermaDyne plasma cut machine. The continued support by your staff is very helpful. After almost a year of operating your machine weekly, we have become very familiar with it’s operation and controls. We love the accuracy and precision and continue to learn working with the various programs such as Nestmaster and Sheetcam. The programs that came with our machine are easy to work with and are a real time saver. After delivery of your machine from British Columbia to our facility in Ontario we experienced some issues due to transportation. But we were impressed with the action you took to provide us with some new parts and additional technical information. Thank you so much! With our company Ontario Plasma Design we specialize in durable outdoor and indoor metal art signs. Our focus is high quality and durability for all our signs and metal art work. Your CNC plasma table the Fabricator G6 has been a pleasant experience in helping us realizing and creating our beautiful metal art signs. Our table size is 5′ x 10′ which allows us to make large one piece signs. As a young and dynamic company we have joined the largest Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock Ontario where we are able to expose our products to a wide variety of people from all of North America. I still want to mention that with the purchase of our machine you had promised us a wireless remote control. This remote control is such a great way of operating the machine, it is hard to imagine doing without it. It allows us to maneuver the torch anywhere on the table without losing its sight. It is also a great means of cutting materials manually. Russel, we want to thank you once more for the pleasant experience in dealing with you and your staff. After a year of knowing you and your machine we can definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking for a great machine with a good price!”
Lammert Brons & René Burggraaf, Ontario Plasma Design

“The customer service and tech support at FastCut CNC is as good as it can get.”

After cutting metal silhouettes by hand for over 22 years, I bought and wore out two of the blue hobby CNC machines and grew tired of the expensive tech support. It was time to upgrade to a production plasma cutting machine. First I tried a table that was a finished kit. After two months of assembly the thing still wouldn’t work, so I sent it back. Finally, I went north to Kamloops to check out the guys at FastCut CNC. I spent an afternoon in their shop playing with one of their machines. I was sold and placed an order. It took a little longer than normal to receive my 5′ x 12′ table because they were on the road upgrading machines they had sold, at no charge to the customer. (Standing behind their product.) It was worth the wait. I went north again to pick up the machine. Arrived back at my shop at 4:30pm and was cutting parts by 8:00pm that night. That includes building a swing arm for the torch lead! The FastCut CNC machine has cut 40 hours a week for over two years with few problems. Almost all of which were operator error. The customer service and tech support at FastCut CNC is as good as it can get. The machine cuts out perfect parts day in and day out with very little maintance. And at a price that is much lower than that of other companies that have an army of sales people traveling all over the world raising the price of their product. Quality product from J. Dubs is flying out the door, due to a large part, the FastCut CNC machine in my shop. I would say that I would buy another one, but the construction of the table is such that I don’t think I will ever need to. You can’t go wrong with FastCut CNC!
Jerry Wayne Bement, J. Dubs

“I would buy this machine from FastCut again if the need ever arose.”

Russell, I am sending a quick note to say thank you for the tremendous product. I run a manufacturing company with clients worldwide, we have, however, begun to specialize in servicing some of the Port Terminals in the Metro Vancouver area. Our clients are on extremely tight deadlines with regards to loading ships so any mishaps with equipment can lead to huge bills from their clients for delays in vessel departure. It was the extremely tight turnarounds that dictated the purchase of a machine that could cut the shapes and the different materials that we use to keep our customers up and running. I researched all of the entry level and light production tables that I could and found the Fastcut G5 to be the perfect machine for my application. I purchased my 5’ x 12’ G5 Fabricator in September of 2007 and have never looked back. The machine is easy to learn and simple to operate. We now offer our customers a much quicker turn around on repair jobs as we no longer have to wait for material to be cut and shipped to us. This makes the breakdown repairs in the middle of the night on a weekend that much easier to handle. The machine was never purchased to compete with others for the plasma burning business but it has brought in new jobs and clients. In short this machine has been an invaluable addition to my business, customer service, although rarely needed, has been prompt and excellent. And yes, I would buy this machine from FastCut again if the need ever arose.
Richard Sikich, President, Westec Equipment International Ltd.

“So easy to use and the tech support is great.”

I purchased a FastCut CNC table five years ago as a replacement for another problematic machine. It was a great choice. It is reliable, easy to use, and maintenance free. I have cut from 20g sheet with the plasma unit to 3″ plate with the oxy-acetylene machine torch. I can easily turn a business logo into a sign, and use the vectorized fonts that come with the software to match all sorts of type. This machine paid for itself faster than any other machine in my shop. The wireless remote control is a must, this machine is so easy to use and the tech support is great and there when you need them.
Douglas Gisi, Walla Walla, Wa.

“Saves our company time, money, and effort.”

We operate a steel fabrication shop that is on call 24 hours a day. This is where the FastCut CNC machine comes into operation, with the numerous amount of different components we burn on a day to day basis. This machine burns an average of 1,500 sheets a year that vary from 12 gauge to 1 inch plate. If your looking for a CNC plasma system that is exactly what they say it is, you have found it – FastCut CNC. From the customer support to the timing belts, torch height control, and software its all first class. Now we are going to save you money and time with our knowledge of plasmas. We have used and abused all competitors top notch plasmas. The best on the market is the Thermal Dynamic from consumable life to piercing time – this is the BEST. Thank you FastCut CNC for the honesty about your machine that has done more than save our company time, money, and effort.
Kenny, Blake & Trent Altman, AMI FABRICATORS INC.

“First class service and a well designed machine.”

I’m writing today to express our sincere thanks for your first class service and complement you for producing such a well designed machine. In our industry, performing value added service is what separates us from our competitors and generates the profits. We needed a reasonably priced, low maintenance machine to keep the CNC plasma burning in-house in order to recapture the profits we were giving to our vendors and giving faster service to our customers. When we started to research CNC plasma cutting technology we envisioned a huge learning curve and weeks if not months of trial and error. We visited some fabrication shops that owned much higher priced machines, in overall we feel your machine is the market leader. Within the first few weeks we performed jobs in-house that were impossible before purchasing the G4 Fabricator, and we kept the money we would have paid our vendor for this work. Please extend our thanks to everyone at FastCut CNC for delivering a great product and excellent service to my company.
William R. Mankin II, Owner

“A breeze to install and painless in learning to operate”

It was a pleasure to do business with your company. I must say I had my reservations with purchasing such a product from the other side of the world. Your plasma table was a breeze to install and has been painless in learning to operate. It was great to have such wonderful support during the early stages of operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to a prospective customer.
Noil Dolamore, Managing Director, TowRight

“I’m amazed at the quality of the machine and it’s finished product.”

We have already been using the table to cut parts for a job in Maine that we are going to tomorrow. I don’t know how we ever got along without it. I’m amazed at the quality of the machine and it’s finished product. If you ever need a reference for someone interested in your machine, feel free to have them contact us. We are VERY happy with ours.
Dave Lundell




  • Easy application process (M-F 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST)
  • Fast Approval Rates (usually 4 hrs)
  • High Acceptance Rates (85%)
  • Short or long term rates (12 – 72 months)
  • Seasonal payment plans for customers with seasonal business
  • Very competitive rates


Shipping is not included in most cases as costs vary depending on service/distance and cube weight. Overnight delivery with FED EX; 5-7 days to the east coast via low bed. All shipments are insured and set up for ease of delivery. We handle all US and customs clearance paperwork. We even help driver load/tarp and strap machines, sharing pictures with you prior to equipment leaving our factory.


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